What happens at Astroworld Festival? 10 Best Things

astroworld festival

You must be wondering why Astroworld Festival attracts the ocean of people regardless of the place or time of the event.

Well, this article will throw light on 10 best things that happen at Astroworld Festival which captivate the minds of his fans.

Festivals are full of energy, surprises and magnificent performances that are written in golden words in history books. In just its second year, Astroworld has become a top competitor in the artist-curated festival market and a blue print for others to follow. Its unique features that attract an ocean of people are;

  1. Special performances of Megastars

It is said that if you haven’t bought a ticket for Astroworld festival yet, you are already late. People always flock to Travis Scott festivals as they know some of the biggest stars in music industry would be making an appearance. In first edition of Astroworld in 2018, Lil Wayne, Post Malone, Young Thug, Rae Sremmurd, Metro Boomin, Gunna (Rapper), Sheck Wes and many other mega stars spell magic on audience.

You will always find Bona fide stars at the festivals.

  1. Surprise Element

The best thing about Festival is the element of surprise and curiosity. Travis Scott announces the line up just hours before the festival begins. Nobody knows the line-up of singers even a day before the festival but everyone has an idea that megastars will be making surprise entry as that is what festival is all about.

  1. Spellbound Personality of Travis Scott

The reason you buy tickets for the festival is to relish the spell bound performance of Travis Scott. He knows how to warm up his fans with his brilliant voice and breathtaking moves on the stage. Travis Scott knows how to put on a festival and how to make the audience virtually drunk and lost in the echoes of his songs. By attending an Astroworld festival, you get a chance to watch the live performance of hip-hop mega star Travis Scott in unique style and zest and it leaves overwhelmed by the magic of his voice. He breathes life into already vibrant songs whenever he performs on a stage.

  1. Entertainment and Only Entertainment

Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment are the three things that you are definitely going to get in the festival. To engage tens of thousands of people, special entertainment activities are planned for like consider adding art installations, dance shows, magicians, wandering actors, kids’ activities, or comedy.

  1. Safety is a Prime Concern

Astroworld festivals are planned to be extremely safe for audience. Professional staff works to avoid any stampeding as tens of thousands of people come to this legendary festival. So, safety is made sure to enable all fans enjoy the spellbound environment at the festival.

  1. Rejuvenates you Soul

After dancing for many long hours, befriending other people there, and singing at the top of your lungs, you start to feel more positive and good. You come back home with a new energy and momentum.

  1. All Facilities are Available (Including merchandise)

It attracts massive crowd not only because of legendary singers and top-quality music, but also the facilities present to accommodate crowd in an open space. Some of the most important facilities present at an Astroworld festival are check toilets and check water points to save audience from any inconvenience.

And Yes, They also have all of the Astroworld merchandise there as well.

  1. Full-Proof Security of Event

Security of people is the most important concern for organizers of the Astroworld festival. Due to his legendary stature, tens of thousands of people attend this festival. Full-proof security is made sure to avoid and mishappening in large gatherings and it enables fans to make the money worth spent.

  1. A perfect display of relaxation and excitation

When you attend the Astroworld festival, you’re guaranteed to have a mix of both craziness and downtime. You can chill with the more calming sets and dance your butt off to the most wild

  1. Food and Drink Stalls

You find a variety of food stalls in the festival having some of the best food festival foods in the world. It gives you a chance to flatter your taste buds with all the delicacies of foods of many sorts of restaurants at a single place. You get to taste hot and fresh food while dancing to your favorite songs to refresh your mind and soul and filling your belly at the same time.

That are some reasons why even $550 VIP tickets are sold even before announcement of line up. That is what Scott Travis is all about.

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