8 Best Astroworld Merchandise items You Can Buy

Astroworld merch items

Astroworld Merch is a fashion statement in the name itself. Due to his global stature and unique style, Travis Scott has a fan base ranging in tens of millions. Every one of them aspires to emulate his style and fashion especially when he goes on world tours.

The rising demand for Astroworld merchandise makes each product rare and unique. There are almost 100 products on our official website Astroworld and each of them is having its own features and uniqueness. Selecting 8 items best Astroworld Merchandise items from a list of over 100 items is indeed a tough task.

The 8 most loved and fan-favorite items in our collection list are:

  1. Look Mom I can Fly Hoodie

Astroworld Look Mom I Can Fly Hoodie

Look Mom I can Fly Hoodie is one of the most loved items in our merchandise. It refers to a famous documentary, Look Mom I Can Fly, starring Travis Scott. It was aired by Netflix in 2019. This iconic hoodie has an Astroworld logo on its front and backside and is made from premium quality cloth to give you the utmost comfort and style. It is a must-buy product and everyone should have at least one ‘Look I can Fly Hoodie’ in their wardrobe collection. Also, it comes in a range of different colors to suit your choice.

  1. Astro Thrills and Chills Sweatpants

Thrills and Chills SweatPants

Whenever you want to wear something cool and relaxing, sweatpants is the name that comes to your mind. Astro thrills and chills sweatpants are manufactured to fulfil all the features an Astroworld fan looks for while buying sweatpants.

These sweatpants are the embodiment of almost all signature logos and trademark emblems knitted on its front. Also, it is made of premium quality cloth to give you the utmost comfort and satisfaction.

  1. Astroworld Beanie

Astroworld Beanie

Nothing complements your upper wear more than a stylish hat. If you ever thought that hats don’t look good on you, it is simply because you are not wearing the right ones.

Astroworld Beanie is designed to fulfill the aspirations of Travis Scott fans to wear a signature Astroworld hat. It has embroidered ‘Astroworld’ logo at its front. If you haven’t bought it already, then be hurry before it runs out of stock.

  1. No Bystander Windbreaker

Astroworld No Bystanders Windbreaker

When it comes to selecting the right hoodie conforming to the latest trends in the fashion market and to up your style game, there is nothing better than No Bystander hoodie.

This hoodie has a trademark ‘Bystander’ emblem at its back. Couple it with signature ‘Wish you were here’ logo at the front and you simply cannot overlook this product. That is why this item is always the top priority of our customers and often remains under stocked.

  1. World Peace Hoodie

World Peace Hoodie

World Peace Hoodie is another iconic product of Astroworld merchandise. Official logos and signature statements are marked all over it making it one-of-a-kind. From colorful ‘Thrill and Chills’ logo at its back to signature ‘Astroworld’ stamped on its sleeves, this hoodie is truly a dream of all fans of Travis Scott.

Being a true fan of Astroworld, you have to buy it to show your love and admiration for your favorite Rockstar.

  1. Tour Astronaut Blue tee

Tour Astronaut Blue Tee

Of all attires, nothing leaves a more lasting impression than a stylish and unique t-shirt.  Tour Astronaut Blue Tee is a remarkable piece of artwork having short-sleeve tee with a signature ‘wish you were here logo’. Also, it has an official picture of Travis Scott at its front making it one of the most loved and aspired products in our collection list.

There is no way an Astroworld fan can complete shopping without buying this shirt.

  1. Wish you were Here T-shirt

Wish You Were Here T-Shirt

Just like Tour Astronaut Blue tee,  Wish You were Here t Shirt is another iconic product of Astroworld Merchandise.  It has Astroworld Logo “Astroworld” at its front and comes in every size to match your body frame. Its black color coupled with a colorful logo makes it a must-buy product of our official merchandise.

  1. Tour Astronaut Gray Hoodie

Tour Astronaut Gray Hoodie

Tour Astronaut Gray Hoodie is at the top of our selling list. This colorful hoodie is made of high-quality material and is truly a piece of art. It has ‘Wish you were here’ logo knitted at the front and its unique design makes it the most loved item in our merchandise. You have to wear it whenever you go to any Astroworld festival.

The official website of Astroworld offers all the aforementioned products and many more for the fans of Travis Scott. So, the next step is to Click Here and place your order as soon as possible. It is worth mentioning that all our products are shipped free of cost to all parts of the world.

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